Providing students with a variety of musical experiences and activities.

Our music course provides students with a variety of musical experiences and activities. The course develops the following skills: singing, listening, music literacy, and playing classroom instruments. The course provides opportunities for growth in understanding the following musical elements: rhythm, melody, form, tempo, dynamics, timbre or tone color, harmony, expression, articulation, and style. The course also develops discrimination and critical judgment in music that is heard or produced, and encourages interest in music from diverse cultures and historical periods. Students perform in select concerts.

The Music curriculum includes:

Rhythm and Voice

Students will learn to sing in unison and two part harmony, sing a solfege scale, various rounds and folk songs, as well as identify the parts of the voice anatomy.


Students will learn and label the parts of the violin, read treble clef notation, and even learn to play “Twinkle”, “Allegro”, and “Ode to Joy” on the violin.

World Music

Students will learn to identify modern genres, various countries’ traditional music, and three types of songs: logogenic, melogenic, and pathogenic.

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