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Let us help you start the journey and see what makes IAA unique.

We welcome the opportunity to help you begin the enrollment journey and explore the questions that arise during the process. Will my child be known, challenged, safe, exposed to opportunities that they might not otherwise have? Working in partnership with parents is critical for the success of students. We value the meaningful relationships and conversations that start with you.

Our staff is committed to providing an exceptional educational experience for every student. We are committed to meeting each student where they are: help guide to find their passion, follow your heart along with hard work leads to great opportunities. We pride ourselves on knowing our students and providing them the social, emotional and academic foundation that will last a lifetime.

Step One: Let us know you're interested.

Submitting your information will help our admissions office follow up with you. In order to begin the process, please fill out the form.

Step Two: Get to know us better!

Connect with our admissions staff, attend an Open House Event!  We know life is busy and not everyone can come to the school so in many cases corresponding via email or phone is another great option.

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Step Three: Take the Leap

If you are ready to apply, complete the online application. Once your application is approved, you will be notified to log back in to your online registration and complete the remaining online Enrollment Forms.

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