Fashion Design

The history and future of fashion design.

Fashion and Design classes study current fashions and styles best suited to the individual student, fashion careers, fashion history, merchandising, and clothing care. This course assists students in fashion collection planning and developing sewing skills. Assessments give students the opportunity to create their own line of clothing and accessories while learning how to professionally present and market their goods by implementing the core elements of design from a creative and historical perspective.

The Fashion Design curriculum includes:


In this course you will learn how create patterns using paper and muslin to make original garment designs.

Sewing Techniques

Students will learn basic and advanced hand and machine stitches, how to utilize specific stitches, and fabrication.

Color Me Crazy

Students will learn color theory and how to create a cohesive collection with color, texture, pattern, and fabrics.

Draping and Custom Stitching
Draping and Custom Stitching

Students will learn how to properly drape fabric on mannequins, as well as couture sewing techniques and finishes.

Technical Drawing
Technical Drawing

Students will learn how to create digitally transfer flat sketches, mood boards, and collection layouts.

Fashion Technical Drawing
Fashion Illustration

Students will learn how to render a variety of fabrics using multiple tools: pencil, marker, paint, makeup, and more.

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