Faculty and Staff Guidelines

The standards set below are are intended to serve as a framework for creating professional and effective brand communication.

Email Signature Standards

Using consistent email signatures for @iaacslv.net  email accounts is an opportunity to create brand alignment while relaying relevant contact information. In addition, consistent and clear email signatures present a professional appearance for conducting business through email. Please read and copy the below standards for your personal signature.

The following are the Innovative Arts  guidelines for faculty and staff members using an @iaacslv.net  email account. You can download the signature here and modify as needed so long as it adheres to the guidelines below.


✓ Use a professional signoff (Best, Regards, or Thank you)
✓ Include your full name
✓ Include your title
✓ Include office number with your  extension (if provided)
✓ Include fax number
✓ Include website address
✓ Include social links


X Use more than one defined font
X Change the font size
X Change or add text color
X Add a background color
X Remove capitalization
X Include images other than the logo
X Include personal phone numbers
X Re-write your email address
X Include www. before web address


Full Name

Innovative Arts Academy
O: 610-403-2787 | F: 610-403-2687

Connect: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


All text should be black except for Your Name, which should be in IAA Sky Blue (RGB: 139, 184, 232) or closest shade available in Google (3rd blue shade from the top).


Under the Font dropdown, select the ‘Sans Serif’ option. If ‘Sans Serif’ does not appear as an available options, choose ‘Tahoma’ as your selected font.


When a signature contains an embedded image, email programs will show the paperclip icon or the image as a separate attachment in the email. Do not include any additional graphics, photos or illustrations other than the provided logo, provided above.

Document Branding (Word or Pages documents)

In order to create a more consistent school presence, we recommend the following document template as a baseline. You may add personalized, additional information within the document, but at the bare minimum the following design and structural elements should be included.

Download the Innovative Arts Document Template

Please visit our Brand page for logo, color, and font instructions.

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