Privacy and Education Policies

In accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Chapters 711 of the State Board Regulations, our special education programs ensure that each student with a disability receives a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) and that each family has the benefits of a system of procedural safeguards. Specific details about our special education programs can be found in our Policies and Procedures manual, which is located at the bottom of this page.

According to state and federal special education regulations, annual public notice to parents of children who reside within a school district is required regarding child find responsibilities. School Districts, Intermediate Units, and Charter Schools are required to conduct child find activities for children who may be eligible for services via the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. School districts are also required to conduct child find activities for gifted students. The referrals or requests for evaluations may be made to the following office that is responsible for services including assessment, intervention, and evaluation of the Child Find program.

Innovative Arts Academy Charter School
330 Howertown Road Catasauqua, PA 18032
(610) 403-2787

The required listing of potential signs of developmental delay and other risk factors that could indicate a disability are included in the special education policy manual under the heading of Disability Categories. The school cannot ignore clear indicators that a child might need special education services, merely because the child’s parents have not requested such an evaluation. The Innovative Arts Academy Charter School also performs Child Find procedures on a continual basis by distributing information to the public through the local intermediate unit. For more information on the district’s Child Find Process, please contact the Director of Special Education.

This policy has been jointly developed and agreed upon by the Innovative Arts Academy and parents of current students. The parent is the child’s first teacher, and even after entering school, the continued involvement of the parent is critical to the success of the child while in school. In order to accomplish this goal all parents will be given the opportunity to participate in the education of their children. Each parent will receive a copy of the Parent Involvement Policy at the beginning of each school year.

Procedures for School Visitation

Upon entering the building, all parents/visitors must report to the main office and secure a visitor’s pass as outlined in the school’s safety plan. All classroom observations and extended school visits must be scheduled in advance by sending an email to the building principal. The email must include the date of the observation, time frame of the observation, classrooms to be observed, and the reason for the observation(s). Once the principal receives this written request via email or other form of communication, an observation appointment will be scheduled with affected teachers. All requests to conduct formal observations must be made at least 72 hours in advance of the intended observation date and time. The Principal may reschedule or postpone observations in accordance with the school safety plan as necessary in emergency situations.

School Commitment

Innovative Arts Academy is dedicated to providing quality education for every student. To accomplish this objective, we will develop and maintain strong partnerships with parents. Teachers will keep parents informed of grade level learning objectives, and all students will be expected to work toward mastering these objectives. Our school recognizes the fact that some students will need extra assistance to achieve their full potential. The extra assistance is available to students through the Title I program. Innovative Arts Academy intends to include parents in all aspects of the Title I program. Students will be given every opportunity for success through the development and enhancement of the home/school partnership.

Parent Involvement in Developing the Policy

Parents, members of the community, and school staff will meet to discuss the design and implementation of the Parent Involvement Policy. Innovative Arts Academy will recruit participation through various avenues of publicity. Meetings

will be planned at convenient times and locations for all concerned parents. The school will host meetings for parents about Title I at least two meetings during each school year. Parents will be informed of Title I guidelines. Copies of the Parent Involvement Policy will be distributed. Parents will be encouraged to become involved in revising and updating the policy as necessary. The meetings will be held at a convenient time and location. Childcare will be provided to ensure parent participation and attendance. Written notices will be directed at attracting as many parents as possible.

School/Parent/Student Compacts

In accordance with Title I regulations, the school must develop a parent/student compact with the parents of students participating in the program. This compact will enable the school and parents to share responsibility for student performance and success. The compact must explain how students, parents, and staff will share responsibility for promoting student performance and success. All parents will be given a copy of the compact detailing the responsibilities that teachers, parents and students have in helping students accomplish their goals. Parents are asked to discuss the contents of the compact with their child.

Types of Parent Involvement

There are many ways in which parents can be involved with their children’s education. Innovative Arts Academy values both parental contributions and those that take place at school. Many types of parental involvement are needed in a home-school partnership that will help all our children succeed.
Parent involvement opportunities include:

  • Supporting their child/children’s learning at home
  • Volunteering in the classroom (must possess appropriate clearances)
  • Volunteering to help with field trips, and other Title I Reading projects and activities
  • Parent/Teacher conferences throughout the year

Matching Programs to the Needs of Our Parents and Students

Parent and student needs will be assessed through questionnaires and parental suggestions as well as a variety of other measures targeted at creating a successful school environment. Workshops and programs will be tailored to meet the unique needs of our students and parents. Parents will be informed of involvement activities through the school office. The school will welcome and promote parent suggestions.

Communication with Parents from School Staff

Parents will be welcomed through various avenues of communication throughout the school year. Newsletters, conferences, personal contacts, and written notices will be utilized to establish and maintain an open line of communication. Staff members will be trained in positive communication activities as well as effective ways to work with parents and community members. In order to evaluate parent communication methods, parents will be ask to complete a survey about the effectiveness of the program and offer suggestions for improvement. The evaluation procedure will include assessment of successes in the Parent Involvement Policy as well as recommendations for improvement. The school will revise its Parent Involvement Policy based on the results of this annual review.