Visual Arts

Artistic investigation and breadth of work utilizing a variety of mediums.

The Visual Arts Program guides students through artistic investigation and breadth of work utilizing a variety of mediums, as well as historic and foundations coursework. The Studio Design portfolio addresses two-dimensional and three dimensional design issues while
engaging student decision making about how to use the elements and principles of art in an integrative way. Students' portfolios demonstrate skills and ideas developed, refined, and applied throughout the course to produce visual compositions. Portfolios and written coursework are evaluated based on standardized scoring descriptors aligned with skills and understanding developed in this foundation course.

The Visual Arts curriculum includes:

2D Art

A year-long course exploring two dimensional artistic media (such as drawing, painting, collage and printmaking) that will boost your critical thinking habits, improve your collaborative participation, grow your creativity and develop your communication skills.

Intro to 3D Art (Middle School)

Designed to introduce an array of 3 Dimensional art forms created by hand, utilizing a range of mixed media materials and techniques. The focus will be the development of tangible skill sets such as ceramics, weaving, knotting, beading, jewelry making, 3-D sculptures/structures, and mosaicking.

3D Art (Highschool)

An array of 3D art forms created by hand, utilizing a range of materials and techniques. Students will develop tangible skill sets; Use of hand-building tools and techniques used in ceramics, development of throwing skills on the Potters’ Wheel, complex clay carving, sculpting and joining, and more!

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September 2021

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