Why School Choice is Important

The discourse surrounding educational choice is constantly up for debate throughout the U.S.

The concept of this “choice” means that ultimately the parent is the one who decides where it is their child will attend school, rather than your address determining your district. There are different choices when it comes to private and public education and you can learn more about what each type of school has to offer here.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” –Malcom X

Education is the most important element of a developing child and mind. What type of education they receive will determine the future success of each child.

Individuality in education

Society encourages children to be who they are and celebrate what makes them unique. It’s time to put that concept into action. Every child is different when it comes to learning style and what kind of support they need in an educational setting. School choice allows for the parent to make the decision on where they attend based on the individual needs of their child.

With a specialized focus, teachers have an easier time adjusting curriculum and care for each student. The concept of school choice has the support of the parents. According to a National Alliance for Public Charter School survey, 80% of parents surveyed support it.

Innovation in education

By allowing for choice in education, students are more likely to pursue their individual interests, and therefore have a higher likeliness to succeed. This idea of choice leads to innovation and exploration of hobbies that students may not have access to in a school assigned to them. For example, charter schools provide students with classes with a core focus on the arts, whereas a public school may only have one elective in the topic. This means that a student who is interested in dance, graphic design, or culinary arts may never have the opportunity to reach their full occupational potential in that area because it was not offered to them in their schools.

Choice also allows for exploration for the teaching staff. Charter schools don’t have as many regulations as regular schools. This means staff can experiment with different teaching methods that are much more beneficial for the individual needs of their students.

Equity of education

Every child deserves a quality education and their best chance at obtaining higher education. Many families get stuck living in districts where their assigned public schools are underperforming and have high dropout rates. A family’s income or zip code should not be the sole determining factor of their child’s academic success. Educational choice eliminates this and ensures that each child receives the schooling they deserve. With tailored education, students have the ability to improve their academic performance and translate that into earning jobs that, in turn, provide them higher incomes.


We should be doing everything in our power to help our children succeed. This includes aiming to give them the best opportunities for education. Education choice has significantly positive impact on students and their future achievements.

At Innovative Arts Academy, our vision is focused on creating a meaningful and rewarding secondary education for all of our students. Our goal is to see our students reach their full potential while providing them the tools to do so along the way. We celebrate our students’ differences and most importantly, we support their dreams, ensuring that they are one step closer to success.

Innovative has a strong focus on the arts and is proud of how they encourage the kind of creativity and critical thinking that allows children to succeed in their academics. Our school explores potential careers in culinary, cosmetology, graphic design, fashion, and so much more. If you believe that this is the kind of specialized education that your child needs, please visit our website for more information about our upcoming enrollment events and feel free to reach out with any questions.


July 2020